Who can participate

Professionals, students, hobbyists or companies, ... anyone can submit their work as long as it complies with the competition rules. We love to see what you create with Unreal Engine and how Unreal Studio is being used by both new and old time users.

Do I need to be an Unreal Engine or Unreal Studio user?

No, you don’t need to be a current user. If you don’t yet have a license you can quickly sign up and get your free Unreal Studio beta. Then, our online training will get you up to speed in no time!

I created my entry with another software, can I still submit?

No, you must have used Unreal Engine or Unreal Studio to render your project.

How can I participate in the competition?

Participating in the competition is easy. Just click the submit button at the top of this page, fill in the form and upload your project.

Will my submission be anonymous?

Yes, all entries will remain anonymous before and during the judging process. The contact details provided during the submission process will only be used to contact the nominees and winners after the selection has been made.

Why is there no games category?

This competition is centered around architecture, product design and manufacturing projects created with Unreal Engine and/or Unreal Studio only. However, we regularly have competitions focused on games and entertainment, so fear not! You can participate in one of those next time, just keep an eye out for future competitions.

What is the schedule for the competition?

The competition will follow the below schedule: (dates subject to change)

  • Call for submissions: Nov 1 - Jan 20, 2019
  • Nominees Announced: Jan 28 - 8 Feb, 2019
  • Winners Announced: Feb 11 -15, 2019

When will I receive the prizes if I win?

Epic Games and the sponsors will attempt to contact the winners by email within a month of the winner being announced to arrange the delivery of the prizes.

Is there an awards ceremony?

No. The winners will be contacted directly and announced through our online channels. We will ship the awards to their preferred address after they accept the prize.

Is there a fee to participate in the competition?

No, participation in the competition is free. You can submit up to 5 entries per category.

I do not have permissions to show my work until a future date. When will my work be shown publicly?

The competition schedule is to announce nominees last week of January 2019. If your work is nominated we will be making the work public around this timeframe. Please, make sure you have permissions to show the work from January 2019 onwards.

Does my entry have to be professionally commissioned work to be submitted?

No, anyone can submit to the competition, including student work and work created for your portfolio or as a learning exercise.

My project has been published on another site or in another competition, can I still enter?

Yes, we do not have any requirements for exclusivity.

I am a student and I created my submissions as part of my class project, can I submit?

Works created by students must have been completed entirely by the student. No assistance from school staff or other professionals is allowed other than providing basic general guidance. Pre-made scenes provided by the school, and scenes that are not an original creation of the student are not allowed. Submissions found to be in violation of these criteria will be disqualified.

I'm having problems uploading my video, what other options do I have to submit my work?

While most people do not have problems, slow or unreliable internet connection can sometimes cause the upload process to fail. If this happens to you please try to upload your project again from a different connection or browser. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us at

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about the Unreal Awards: Experience Design, or have problems submitting your entry, please email with your submission ID (if applicable).